PET Gloop!

PET Gloop!

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What is PET Gloop! Well first off this product should not to be confused with the popular desk friend otherwise known as pet rock. PET Gloop! (pronounced “PEE EEE TEE” Gloop!) is our specially formulated science sauce for PET, PETG, and Co-Polyester based 3D printing filaments!

PET has been hands down the most requested variant of gloop. Seriously, our inbox was constantly full of messages of eager customers wanting to get their grubby little hands on some PET Gloop! Well, you can stop messaging us now! WOO!

PET Gloop! is designed to provide the strongest bond between two 3D printed PETG parts, period. Stronger than CA Glue, stronger, than epoxy, heck stronger that PETG itself! Simply apply some of that awesome science sauce on each mating surface and smash em’ together! In a few minutes, you’ll have a good ol’ time trying to get them apart. So just make sure you really want to glue those parts together! 😉

PET Gloop! can also be used as a bed adhesive for Glass, Metal, or Tape build platforms. Apply PET Gloop! to a hot build platform just before you hit print. Our specially formulated Gloop! will grip onto that freshly extruded PETG keeping everything firmly stuck to your build platform. One your print is done, just let the build platform cool down and pop off your print! You may be able to get a few prints per application of PET Gloop! For best results, we do recommend cleaning and reapplying your PET Gloop! every print.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES apply PET Gloop! to PEI or other Plastic build platforms. IT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING. Sorry for the shouting but PET Gloop! is very sticky and strong and we really don’t want you to mess up your printer!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some PET, PETG and Co-Polyesters don’t work with well with Gloop!. This is because all of the crazy complex methods PET and modified PET (co-polymers) are synthesized. Most should work just fine, but some may not. Our team is working on compiling a list of all the best performing filament manufactures and we will constantly be updating this page! .

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