PET Gloop! - BETA!

PET Gloop! - BETA!


The wait, its finally over!!!! Or well, actually its not…. But it is? Well, its complicated okay!

PET Gloop!

Our specially formulated science sauce for PET, PETG, and Co-Polyester based filaments!

PET has been the most requested variant of gloop. We heard you all and we got our team of crackpot scientists to finally go about cooking up a new concoction of gloop!

Now before you get ahead of yourself and checkout, PET Gloop! is currently a release candidate, paid beta. What does this mean? It means there’s only a limited amount of PET Gloop available, and once they sell out, they’re gone. - FOR GOOD. (Or until we make more that is. 😉) In all seriousness, our PET variant of gloop isn’t ready for full-release just yet but its getting really, really dang close! We need help testing it out and we want to get our customers opinions on what we can do better.

There are 25, 75ml bottles of PET Gloop up for grabs (Our Kickstarter backers that funded the earlier PETG version of gloop will all get their own special bottles). Once these are sold out, that’s it! Please don’t email our overlords asking for more, because they hate letting people down! ☹️

Orders will ship in approximately in approximately 10 business days. 1 PET Gloop bottle per person, per household, USA ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you live outside of the US and you order our PET Gloop your order will be CANCELED. Please don’t order any other products other than this beta unless you are okay waiting for the entire order to ship together. By ordering a PET Gloop, you agree to fill out a couple surveys during the program while you use it on your various projects in the coming weeks. In exchange for this service, we will give you a $10 Gloop gift card that can be used on any of our products once the beta is completed! (This $10 gift card cannot be used with other discounts, and subject to additional requirements listed in survey).

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some PET, PETG and Co-Polyesters don’t work with well with gloop. This is because all of the crazy complex methods PET and modified PET (co-polymers) are synthesized. Most should work just fine, but some may not. Our team is working on compiling a list of all the best performing filament manufactures and we will constantly be updating this page! .

PET Gloop! is not recommended for use on any PEI build platforms. DO NOT use 3D Gloop! on any textured print surface as it will likely permanently fuse to it.

That’s all for now! Good Luck Gloopies!

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