Master Builders Kit

Master Builders Kit


Okay, okay, we hear you loud and clear. . . 

You love 3D Gloop! so much because it works, because it's totally fantastically awesome, and well you just can't live without it. 

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Welcome to our Master Builders Kit. It is designed specifically for the obsessive! - Obsessivly awesome! 

Everything a master builder could need for their army of 3D printers.

You'll get:

1 - 30ml (1oz) Glue Gloop! ABS

1 - 30ml (1oz) Glue Gloop! PLA

1 - 120ml (4oz) ABS Gloop!

1 - 120ml (4oz) PLA Gloop!

1 - 300ml (10oz) Spray Gloop! ABS

1 - 300ml (10oz) Spray Gloop! PLA