Free Sample!

Free Sample!


Are you curious about 3D Gloop!? Do you wonder if it is a great as we say it is? Well here’s you chance to see what all the fuss is about! Why don’t you get yourself a free sample!? Go on, get it! (You pay the postage)

It is all the greatness of 3D Gloop! packed into a comically adorably little bottle! You’ll get 10ml of our oh so precious science sauce to do whatever with! Use it to print something totally awesome! Or perhaps glue and immovable object to an unstoppable force? Oooh even better! - Smooth out those pesky layer lines in that awesome 3D print you printed using 3D Gloop! that you glued to that unstoppable force using 3D Gloop! that is somehow holding the immovable object in place! Phew… That got a bit exhausting. Anyways, have fun! Experiment! And please remember to be safe!

Yes, yes, we know that this free sample is really priced at $1.00. There’s a neat little automatic discount thingy when you check out! Also, for some reason our robot overlords didn’t give us the ability to limit the quantity that our mind controlled customers are able to purchase…. And since we obviously want everyone to love 3D Gloop! some of those customers had a tendency to go a bit overboard… Having single orders for 1000 products is very very very hard to fulfill!

Please limit your samples to 1 per customer. If you are on the fence between which sample to get, flip a coin! Or go ahead and order both. - We will have to charge you for multiple samples though. We also hate to be authoritative but if you plan on ordering any more that 2 samples of either product please drop us a line at and let us know of your intentions. Ordering multiple samples for groups, hacker or maker spaces is totally cool! We just need to know so we don’t hold your order for questioning!

3D Gloop! is intended to be used on glass and mirror tile surfaces. We recommended 3D Gloop! not be use on Prusa style PEI coat build platforms. Most PEI sheets are compatible with 3D Gloop! but it is strongly recommended to test interactions in a small area or corner of your build platform with your specific printer. DO NOT use 3D Gloop! on any textured print surface as it will likely permanently fuse to it.

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