An over engineered and interchangeable build surface for 3D printers certified to work with 3D Gloop!


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What is Platform?

In short: Platform is an over engineered interchangeable build surface for 3D printers designed from the ground up by our crack-pot scientist here in the 3D Gloop laboratories. The current release of Platform features a custom formulation of glass specifically engineered to facilitate the best first layer plastic adhesion of ANY glass surface on the market.

Platform isn’t just a glass build surface though… Our scientists have many other awesome iterations of Platform under development such as PEI, PEX, Powder Coated & Textured Flex Plates, and some very cool hybrid materials! Once these other variations of Platform are release, you can quickly and effortlessly swap build surfaces.

Each variation of Platform is Gloop Certified™ which means that each build surfaces is guaranteed to work with any of 3D Gloop!’s products (for bed adhesion)! These build surfaces have been carefully engineered to provide the best results with Gloop!


How does Platform work?

Platform uses an engineered thermal magnetic surface that is applied directly to your printers sub build platform. (Usually this is a bare aluminum plate that your current print surface sits on top of.) Once the magnetic surface is installed, any Platform variant will magnetically couple with this surface firmly maintaining its place during the print.

Our standard thermal magnetic surfaces are rated for repeated printing temperatures up to 90°c without loss of magnetic attraction. The super smart minds behind Platform engineered the magnetic domains (directions of magnetic poles) to provide the strongest single sided magnetic attraction of ANY magnetic printer base on the market.

Platform should work with most other magnetic sub surfaces from other flex plate manufactures. Although, the attraction and quality may not be as high as a genuine Platform magnetic surface!

Platform Tabs.png

To remove Platform, simply pull up on the tabs and Platform pops right off! It’s really that simple!


What sets Platform apart…

We know there are wayyyyy too many build surfaces out there, all claiming they are the best… From textured mats, to mirror tiles, to “magical” solutions. Platform just seems like more noise to the already loud chorus of companies trying to sell hobbyist and professionals cut rate solutions. We assure you, it’s not! Don’t get us wrong, some build surfaces live up to the hype; while others just leave you a little poorer and a lot more frustrated.

Our scientist know there will never be an end-all-be-all build surface for FDM 3D printers. Sometimes the materials you’re printing in are challenging and require extra holding power. Other times, models are fragile and a flexible build surface makes removing a completed print a breeze without the risk of damaging delicate features.

So, then why should your printer be forced to use only one build surface?

Why can’t you have a variety of build surfaces that suit the needs of your material and the model your printing?

Honestly, its a great question and Platform is the solution to this problem.

Platform Removal (Looped MR).gif


Platform is interchangeable. It’s as simple as that. Each variant of platform (soon to be released) is suited for a specific purpose. Some are designed for ease of use, or to work best with a specific family of plastics. Others can offer a broader solution, working with a wider array of materials that utilize 3D Gloop! products. Ultimately, Platform gives you the flexibility to customize your 3D printer to better suit your needs. Whenever your needs change, so can your printer.

High Quality Materials:

The materials that go into Platform are second to none. Most are specially formulated per our scientist’s instructions to achieve the best results possible.

Our custom formulation temper glass build surface has been carefully engineered to provide the highest heat conductance, impact resistance, tensile & bending strength, and most importantly the best Gloop/first layer plastic adhesion of any glass surface on the market. 

We can’t talk to much about our other awesome Platforms coming soon. But we can say they are held to the same impossibly high standards set forth by our beloved Overlords.

Platform Ease of Use.jpg

Ease of Use:

Unlike most build surfaces, Platform features an absolute & relative machine coordinate system that isn’t just a one size fits all sort of product. It’s specific, tailored, and custom to each 3D printer. Our grid layout allows you to quickly, yet precisely, understand where a 3D print is located in machine space.

Just like standard coordinate systems Platform is laid out into 4 quadrants. (I, II, III, & IV)

Each quadrant is further divided into sectors consisting of a 20mm² area.

Sectors are finally segmented into 9 cells for easy distinction of upper or lower 1/3, as well as left or right 1/3, and corners.

Machine position can be calculated using quick arithmetic by following the easy to read relative coordinates printed around Platforms’ layout.


Does Platform Fit My Printer?

Platform is launching for a select few 3D printers due to manufacturing costs at low volume. BUT Platform is slated to fit to many more printers in the future based on demand!

Currently the supported printers for Platform are: CR-10(original, S, X, & S Pro), Ender 3 (original & pro), and Ultimaker (2, 2+, & 3). While we know that many printers use similar if not identical build plates to our officially supported printers; we recommend only using Platform on printers we officially support. If you didn’t see your printer in our list, please use the form below to let us know what printer you have and you’d like to see Platform work with! Our scientists are working on expanding the supported printer lineup for Platform. So hang tight!

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For those of you who just want to get your hands on a Platform regardless of your printer and the exact compatibility, below are Platform exact measurements for each printer.


CR-10(original, S, X, & S Pro)

  • 310mm x 310mm

Ender 3 (original & pro)

  • 235mm x 235mm

Ultimaker (2, 2+, & 3)

  • 257mm x 229mm


When Does Platform Ship?

Platform is expected to ship sometime late April 2019 should we achieve our funding goal set forth by this pre-order period. This is only an estimate and largely depends on the level of demand and other factors out of the control of A2 Creative, Inc. Should this pre-order period under perform and miss the funding goal of $5,000 USD, Platform shipments may be delayed slightly as we adjust manufacturing expectations.

At any time up until the Platform pre-order campaign completes on March 1st, 12:00 AM CST customers may request a cancellation to their order for a full refund. (Processing may take up to 2 business day) After the Platform pre-order period closes, refunds will be may still be processed but are not guaranteed.

By completing checkout on a Platform pre-order you are aware that this product may not be shipped until a later date and may not be in likeness to the images, descriptions, and other marketing materials presented during, and after completion of this pre-order period.

If you have any questions regarding fulfillment or order processing, please feel free to contact us any time!