Woo hoo! Its our birthday! 3D Gloop! turns 1 year old!


Help us break our initial Kickstarter funding level and be the first to get some awesome Gloopday! exclusive products!

Hurry up before time runs out! This sale ends when that countdown timer reaches 00|00|00:00!

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1 Year of Gloop!

Can you believe it! 1 Year! Wowzers! On June 23, 2018 3D Gloop! was successfully funded on Kickstarter raising $8023 from 215 amazing backers! In the year since, nearly 8,000 Gloop! products have been delivered to 27 different countries on 6 continents! (Anyone know anybody 3D printing in Antarctica?!)

Enough with the silly metrics, lets get on with the celebration!!!


Own a Piece of Gloop! History!

For our special day, our Overlords have come up with an awesome Gloopday bottle! This is your chance to own a unique piece of Gloop! history!

Every Gloopday bottle is a personalized 120ml bottle of Gloop! in your choice of ABS, PLA, or PET (for PETG and Co-polyesters)!

Additionally! For each bottle, you’ll get these awesome perks!

  • $5 3D Gloop! gift-card for a later purchase.

  • 10 Entries for a RepBox2 Giveaway!


  • $5 off International Shipments!

Now, a special note on that oh so coveted science sauce… This isn’t an ordinary bottle of Gloop! as its features our Gloopday! design, and best of all, it’s personalized just for you; featuring you name and order number on the label!!!

Oh, and we forgot to mention, you’ll be the first to get our new Vapor Lock multi-brush caps!

Gloopday Bottles.png

Just look at those special labels! Such fun!

Gloopday Package!
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Hey, if a Pre-Order just isn’t for you, no hard feelings! All of our current products are still available!

Just head on over to our store and shop away! - Orders ship next day!


REPKORD Glooped Repbox2 Giveaway!

You read that right! We are giving away a stunningly designed Repkord Repbox 2 decked out in a one of a kind Gloop! design!

GRB Right ISO.png

Official Rules!

  • Every Gloopday bottle ordered gives you 10 entries for a chance to win!

    - There are no limits to the number of bottles you can order!

    - If you order 3 or more bottles, you’ll get 13 entries per bottle!

  • Additionally, enter by sharing our Gloopday celebration on social media.

    - Here’s the link to share!:

    - You will receive 1 entry regardless of platform or times shared.

    - Just make sure to tag @3dgloop and use the hashtag #gloopday

    - For those that ordered a Gloopday bottle, this is an extra entry!

  • More opportunities for entry are available! Just check out our social media for instructions during our Gloopday celebration!

  • Entries stop when the countdown timer reaches 00|00|00:00

  • We will randomly pick one special winner at the end of our Gloopday! celebration provided we passed our goal!

GRB Left ISO - Open.png

Good luck to everyone!

A special thanks goes out to the team at R3PKORD for helping make this possible!

We would love to be able to give everyone a RepBox2 but we could only manage to swing 1… Dang limited budgets!

If you don’t win, you should seriously consider ordering a RepBox for yourself! You can get all the juicy details over at!

Just make sure to use the Gloopon code: Gloop19 for 10% off your order! (See what we did there? 😉)


Be the first to get our new caps!

Currently, 3D Gloop! uses standardized glass packer bottles and acid brush caps. If you’ve ever used 3D Gloop! well, then you’ll know these bottles and caps don’t come with the most pleasant user experience... And for that reason, we have spent significant amounts of time and resources engineering a better cap to solve this issue!

New vs Old.png

Introducing our Vapor Lock bottle caps!

A team of super smart engineers collaborated very closely with our scientists to develop a new cap and brush system for our Gloop!

On the outside, these caps look super sleek, and come in a lovely shade of purple!

They also feature built in knurled ridges to provide excellent grip! Not to mention that they also are almost twice as tall as our previous generation caps!

But the really cool stuff is all of the science that went into the design and construction of what seems to be a simple aspect of our products.



It’s crazy how much science and engineering goes into a simple little cap! But when its job is to seal in some of the most coveted science sauce in the world of 3D printing, well, you’ll want to spare no expense!

Each cap is injection molded out of long glass-fiber reinforced ultra-pure polypropylene homo-polymer right here in the United States.

All of these new caps feature a brand name, FKM Viton Fluoroelastomer O-Rings insert molded right into the cap itself! This ensures a perfect sealing surface around the cap and o-ring.

Now the true science of our Vapor Lock cap design resides in the black wiper seal. This simple, yet carefully engineered, seal slides down into the throat of our bottles wiping and sealing against the side walls of of the bottle.

During the closing and tightening of the cap, an air pocket between the main seal and the wiper seal is formed at a slightly higher pressure than what exists in the bottle. This “vapor chamber” provides pressure against the seals locking in the contents.

Its some really neat stuff! Through accelerated life testing, these new caps can keep a bottle of Gloop! good up to 65°F (150°F) with a shelf life that extends to nearly 2 years! So no more dried out Gloop! and sad customers!

Vaporlock Cap.png


Now that we got some of that awesome science talk out of the way, we get to share some other innovations in our caps! NEW BRUSHES!!!

Yeah… We heard you loud and clear. Our old brushes sucked! Especially our 75ml Angled-Reach brushes.

Now, with our new caps, you can choose which brush is right for you! Can’t decide? Why not get all 3! They are easily replaceable! Pull the old one out and slide in a new one!

Brush Lineup.png

Each brush is designed for a specific purpose and carefully tested for each use case.

Our coarse brush is just like our old cap/acid brush combo. It’s designed to be inexpensive and get the job done for large glue applications or slathering on Gloop! for print bed adhesive. Think of this as our work horse brush!

Our fine flex brush has over double the bristle count and half the stiffness compared to our coarse brush! This brush is designed for more controlled glue applications or minor smoothing applications. The softer and higher count of bristles leaves a better surface finish and offers more control of where you paint Gloop!

Lastly, our silicone wedge brush is ideal for smoothing application! Its unique wedge design allows for uniform spreading of Gloop! without leaving those bristle brush strokes! Since it is made of silicone, Gloop! doesn’t like to stick to it very well and thus allows the brush to glide more easily over your 3D prints surface!

Brush Pack
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When Does my Gloopday Order Ship?

Our scientists need some time to get all of our awesome caps materialized and that coveted science sauce cooked up! If everything goes to plan and we can out-do our first Kickstarter Goal, the Overlords should be able to teleport your Gloopday! items directly to your doorstep sometime September 2019! This is only an estimate and largely depends on the level of demand and other factors outside our influence.

We here at 3D Gloop! are a small team of engineers and scientists trying to build something awesome! The support for 3D Gloop! this past year has been phenomenal and we can’t thank you enough! As a small team, we are limited by our resources and bandwidth. Producing new specialized caps is no easy feat and requires some pretty expensive tools and minimum order quantities. This level of commitment is just outside of our teams ability to fund internally so we need your help!

If you have any questions regarding fulfillment or order processing, please feel free to contact us any time!