Coupons & Discounts for Gloop!

Hey, we totally get that this 3D printing hobby is expensive and we know that everyone is looking for the best deals around. So we put together this awesome page to show you some awesome coupons and discounts that work for most of our products!

3D Gloop! is partnered with many amazing content creators out there and by ordering products with their discounts you help give back to the community! 3D Gloop! is also a proud supporter of National Math + Science Initiative who’s mission is to advance STEM education to ensure all students, especially those furthest from opportunity, thrive and reach their highest potential as problem solvers and lifelong learners who pursue their passions and tackle the world's toughest challenges.

To use these discounts, first highlight and copy the code that is in BOLD. Then click the link below for SHOP NOW and proceed to build your. Make sure you order lots of Gloop! Once you’re ready to check out, simply paste the copied code in the promo code field and you’re set to go! Please note some codes have restrictions on the types of products you can order with them. To view our restrictions check out our FAQ page.



You love Gloop! and you just can’t get enough! This special discount code will get you 10% off your order! Simple and to the point, that how we like it here!


Devin Montes from make anything is an awesome content creator over on YouTube. Did you know that Devin was the first person ever to review 3D Gloop!? Its true! Devin was a super early beta tester of 3D Gloop! too!

Use Devins code for 10% off Gloop! and we will kick back some love to him so he can keep up the awesome work he does! You rock Devin!

If you have’t every checked out his channel we highly suggest you do so now! He’s always up to something awesome and 3D printing related.


Mike, the infamous Midnight Giant is a crazy maker wanting to learn all he can and share it with everyone. From Prop making, to prototyping, and design work by far his favorite things to make is fantasy weaponry.

Mike is an official 3D Gloop! Ambassador. He knows our products and carries samples around with him everywhere he goes! If you ever run into him, ask him for some Gloop!

Use Mikes code for 10% off Gloop! and we will kick back some love to him so he can keep making those amazing swords!


Copy Code: 3DPN

Joel Telling, we all know him as the 3D Printing Nerd. Put simply, his channel is one of the most trusted online places for 3D printer reviews, tips, and tricks. Joel’s motto is always safety first and there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do to help this awesome 3D printing community.

We can’t speak for Joel but we think he really likes Gloop! Considering it could take a #fulljoel and then some! ;)

Use Joel’s code for 10% off Gloop! and we will kick back some love to him so he can keep building ridiculously oversize things!

Copy Code: NMS

Here at 3D Gloop, well we are all scientist, engineers, or programmers. Basically, we are just a bunch of nerds who got to where they are today because of our interests in science. And if it wasn’t for being exposed to science, technology, engineering, or math, well who knows where we would have ended up!

National Math + Science Initiative NMS goal is to spread STEM and transform education here in the United States. And so far they have been doing a pretty great job at that!

Use this code for NMS for 5% off Gloop! and we will kick back 20% of your order to this awesome foundation to help advance STEM education throughout America!


Alright, so we will admit... Shipping Gloop! is kinda annoyingly expensive. And we know that really no one likes paying for shipping because those dirty carrier companies are like parasites! How dare they charge us to move something from point A to point B?!? Agh!

Well, our overlords have decided to cut you all a deal... If you order more that $50 of Gloop! we will cover that pesky shipping cost... That’s right! Your order of 3D Gloop! will ship via USPS Priority Mail for absolutely no cost to you!

We like higher value orders, you like free shipping. Its a win win if you ask us! Sadly though, this option is only for those residing in the US.